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Accept the Challenge – Evangelize Holiness!

By Bishop G. Giaquinta

 Today much is being said about evangelization. I think this is an inspiration from the Lord. We too must be evangelizers of the NEW MILLENIUM but must do it according to our perspective. We must not set aside our motto: to evangelize holiness. We must evangelize holiness even in the NEW MILLENIUM. This means to evangelize the message of Christ, the source of holiness. To evangelize through Christ's methodology, for He is the Holy One of God, by following in his footsteps, as St. Peter reminds us.

One of Christ's characteristics is that He did not count the cost, but rather, He risked; by risking, He lost and won at the same time! He did not make calculations about his time, energy or anything else. He just gave himself. If He were to calculate the risk involved, He would not have spoken as He did to the scribes and the Pharisees: he had the courage of the truth. Christ not only did not calculate but also risked royally! And He lost: they crucified Him! Yet, through his death, Christ won! He is a winner who loses and a loser who wins!

We, too, have to let go of our calculations and risk more. But we will be winners only in the strength of the Lord, and through our trust in Mary. We will be winners only if we have the courage to risk.

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The Pro Sanctity Movement is a Catholic Organization dedicated to promoting the universal call to holiness by seeking to address the needs of the mind with theology, the heart with spirituality, and the hands with ministry.


It is open to all, especially to those who wish to deepen their commitment to God and to share the message of holiness with others.


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