Bishop William Giaquinta’s Coat of Arms

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The coat of arms of Bishop William Giaquinta represents a boat in a stormy sea. In the sky a star stands out at the side of the prow of the boat. Above all, there is a motto, “Duc in altum” - Put out into deep water- Lk 5:4

The symbolism is clear:

the boat symbolizes the Church, sure and firm in her direction in the midst of stormy seas which represent the forces of evil. The star represents Mary, radiant light in the journey of the Church of which she is prototype and mother.

 People who are familiar with the spirituality and the apostolic choices of Bishop Giaquinta, clearly see in his coat of arms the synthesis of his spiritual and pastoral cut. In fact, it is well known Bishop Giaquinta’ s fidelity and love for the Church represented by the Holy Father.  All are aware of Bishop Giaquinta’s  constant and challenging invitation “sentire cum Petro” - to be one with Peter- as the sure guarantee for those who want to be in the truth.

Bishop Giaquinta’ s motto explicitly and specifically refers to the life and teaching of Our Lord who invites us to be more and to do more. Bishop Giaquinta expresses this special invitation of the Lord with the  expression, “spiritual maximalism.”

Jesus’ words to Peter, “Put out into deep water” - Duc in altum- express his invitation to Peter to move away from the shore where the water is low, and to put out into deep water - not to settle for little, but to strive for the more.  There “into the deep water” Peter trusting the Lord, stretching a little more, ”lowered the net and caught such a great number of fish that the nets were at the breaking point.” Lk 5:6 


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