The Founder of the Pro Sanctity Movement - Bishop Guglielmo Giaquinta - had a deep love for the saints. These men and women have left us a legacy of wisdom and influenced the Bishop throughout his life. The following quotes are drawn from his many writings.

The saint is the focal point of the divine and the human. A mirror of redemptive love and the messenger of the word that became flesh. It is because of this that we call Jesus; God made man, the true saint. Those of us that come after, empowered by him, imitate his journey toward holiness and seek the love of the Father.
Guglielmo Giaquinta

Here are some of Bishop Giaquita's memorable quotes:

  • A Saint is someone who doesn't give up but tries and strives

  • The world does not belong to those who limit themselves to sitting on the sidelines, but to those who work to conquer it.

  • A saint is someone who is restless, never complacent, never content with half measures.

  • A Saint is someone who is not afraid to read the Gospels in the first person:

  • “This passage is speaking to me, challenging me."

  • The saint is a person who sees his or her life as a vessel, seeking to be filled. One who has tasted the love of God and hungers for more. A person in need of others, in order to give without measure. being, immersed in the present yet anticipating eternity.  

Memorable Biblical passages and quotes:

Be perfect as you heavenly Father is perfect.

Mt 5:48 

It is God's will that you grow in holiness.

I Thes 4:3

Imitate me as I imitate Christ.

1 Cor 11:1

A Saint lives fully today, building a holy tomorrow.

Pope John Paul II

When it is all said and done, it is ultimately holiness that God requires of us:

it is this holiness that Christ gives and the Church exists to nurture.

American Bishops 1967

A sad saint is a sorry saint, and a sorry saint ain't a saint at all!


The sinner holds out a hand to the Saint, gives a hand to the Saint, since the Saint gives a hand to the sinner. And all together, one by means of the other, one pulling up the other, they ascend to Jesus; they form a chain, which ascends to Jesus, a chain of fingers, which cannot be unlinked.



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