The Immaculate Heart of Mary of Trust


             How did the veneration to Mary of Trust bloom and become veneration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary of Trust?  Let us listen to Bishop Giaquinta himself as he shared with us in 1992.

                        “I had a desire in my heart to delve into the mystery of the relationship of Mary with us.  As I was meditating on and deepening the bond between Mary and us, it came spontaneously to me to think of the  heart of a mother, a heart that is on fire, in love with God and with us.  So…I thought of the Immaculate Heart of Mary of Trust! It is not a matter of having another celebration, but of trying to more deeply understand the meaning of our devotion and to express it to the best of our ability.  The invocation that we well know “O Immaculate Heart of Mary… give trust…” says it all.  It is the result of personal meditation or of a light from above.  I desired to have a heart painted on the picture; I wanted to have an image that would represent my insight: Jesus pointing to the heart of Mary!  I asked the Franciscan sisters in Via Giusti – who were the ones who painted the images of Mary of Trust in the Seminary- to introduce the new element of the heart in the same image of Mary of Trust.  Several people helped, but I was not satisfied with the paintings.  Finally the image that we have was painted: it is the original picture of Our Lady of Trust with the Son to Mary’s heart.  Even though the image did not perfectly respond to what I was dreaming for, I was happy with it[1]

In the prayer to our Lady of Trust that I composed, I mentioned the heart of Mary two times:

1.      “To your feet we come, O Virgin of Trust, to pour out to the heart of a mother our wishes and failings”

2.      “But your motherly look which follows us as well as your immaculate heart which your Son points out to us), opens our souls to a new feeling: the assurance of your help.”

You wonder, “Why this preference for the Immaculate heart of Mary of Trust?”  There is basic reason: as members of the Pro Sanctity Family, as people devoted to maximal love, as consecrated or committed members, we try to see the core of matters, to go deep into matters, to avoid remaining at the surface.  We celebrate the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary on the Sunday preceding Ash Wednesday.”  Our Founder made it clear, “Saturday is the priestly celebration of our Lady of Trust; Sunday is the celebration of the people of God, a priestly people, too, born from the ordained priesthood.”  And so he prayed, “Thank you, Jesus, for helping us understand it.  Give us an intense love for you and for Your Mother; grant this love to us priests and to those who are born from our priesthood.”[2]


[1] The Picture is at Villa S. Maria.  Largo Arbe, in Rome.

[2] Celebration in February 1993.


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