Exhortation of Our Holy Father John Paul II to go to Mary’s School


            Our Holy Father John Paul II is a lover of Mary!  His motto is Totus Tuus (All yours, Mary).  His encyclicals end with a chapter or a prayer dedicated to Mary; his Apostolic Exhortations- especially those regarding the various states of life in the Church, for example, on the laity, consecrated life, the priesthood and bishops - end with an invocation to Mary and the invitation to follow her example.  On October 8, 2000 he entrusted the world and the millennium to Mary.  He called Mary “star of the third millennium as she was at the beginning of the Christian Era, the dawn that preceded Jesus on the horizon of history.  She teaches us how to we must love and praise God” (March 21, 2001).  In the Apostolic Letter On the Most Holy Rosary he invites us to pray the rosary and introduced the mysteries of light.  He invites us “…to contemplate the face of Christ in union with, and at the school of, Mary.”

            He knows that the Lord needs Mary today!  Yes, the Lord needs people who love Mary and imitate her virtues, who are ‘other Marys’.  He needs people of faith, hope and love; people who are logical, reflective, focused, attentive to His ways; people who are present, who listen, are involved, enter in dialogue with others, see needs and respond to them; He needs people who are committed and love as Mary loves; people who reflect Mary’s humility, peace, fortitude, generosity and know how to stand by the Cross.  He wants them among laity –children and adults, single and married – in family life, among consecrated people, and among ordained ministers –deacons, priests, bishops.



            May the Lord find these Marys among us for His glory and for the building up of the culture of life and holiness, of the culture of love.  May “ALL SAINTS, ALL BROTHERS AND SISTERS” be

“the ideal of life

   the goal of dreams

           the apex of light

                the experience of touching the eternal

                   through a vocation lived

          in the awareness

             of Mary’s poverty.”



Bishop Giaquinta

Founder of the Pro Sanctity Family

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